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Highway Tow Water Bowsers

Durable Highway Tow Water Bowsers

Fuel Proof's highway towable water bowser provides the ideal solution for storing, transporting and dispensing water and can be used for a wide range of applications. The bowser features a tough polyethylene tank mounted on a galvanised tubular steel chassis, making the unit extremely tough and durable. Available in single and twin axle configuration, the baffled tank and low profile design deliver excellent performance on the highway.  Our towable water bowsers are ideal on-site solutions when mains water connections are not immediately available.  Our highway bowsers are easily towable, mountable and maintained, making them ideal for regular use.  If you would like expert advice on the suitability of our water bowsers for your project then contact us today.

1140 Litre Highway Tow Water Bowser

1140 Litre Highway Tow Water Bowser

Ideal for transporting water on the highway