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18000 Litre Vertical Bulk Diesel Tank

18000 Litre Vertical Bulk Diesel Tank

Big storage capacity with a small footprint

18,000 litre (3,956 gallon) vertical, cylindrical bulk diesel tank. Heavy duty double cylinder design with an all-steel construction. Large fuel cabinet provides access to tank connections and dispensing equipment. Fully bunded and pressure tested inner tanks; built in accordance with current environmental regulations. The vertical design makes these tanks ideal when space is limited, and the self-supporting design ensures a quick and hassle-free installation.

• All-steel construction for unbeatable strength and durability
• 110% bunded and fully compliant with current environmental regulations
• Lockable steel door keeps tank connections safe and secure
• Vertical design provides high capacity with a small footprint, ideal when space is limited
• Large fuel dispensing cabinet for access to fuel dispensing equipment
• Available with a range of dispensing systems to suit your requirements
• 15 year tank warranty for peace of mind

• Rotary tank contents gauge
• 2” BSP fill point with overfill prevention valve
• 1½” suction line dip tube

• Piusi Cube 70MC Fuel Management System, software, USB key reader and user keys
• Spring rewind hose reel with up to 12 metres x 1" fuel dispensing hose
• Upgrade to mains electrical connection panel with combined low/high level and bund alarm
• Water removing filter

Length 3700mm
Width 3000mm
Height 3270mm
Empty weight 3875kg
Full weight 19535kg
Max. hose length 30m
Steel thickness
(inner tank)
Steel thickness
(outer tank)