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15,000L Premium Bulk Aviation Fuel Tank

Premium spec bulk aviation fuel storage and refuelling system

Open fronted cabinet design with a host of innovative features

  • Horizontal double skinned integrally bunded construction 
  • Heavy duty 4mm and 5mm thick 304L grade stainless steel inner tank with manway access
  • Inspection hatch
  • 4mm & 5mm thick S275 grade mild steel outer bund. 110% tank capacity
  • Double broad cradle base with 1:40 angled fall to sump low point
  • Lifting eyes suitable for lifting and moving empty tank
  • Open fronted design for easy access to fuel dispenser, with rain peak and galvanised pump stand
  • Premium extra cabinet with vented side entrance door giving access to filters, reel and offset fill line etc.
  • Side cabinet with roller shutter door
  • Fill point – 2” stainless steel with Self Climat OPD Overfill Valve DN50 type NT- Jet A1 / Avgas
  • Unitop hydrostatic tank level contents gauge          
  • 1” stainless steel sump draw line
  • Shot blasted to SA 2.5 and painted in 2-pack polyurethane finish (standard White) 
  • Pumptronics Series C Commercial fuel dispensing unit with stainless steel body and digital readouts
    80 to 90 litre/min flow rate*, ATEX Exd IIB T4 230V 50Hz motor. Approved by UK Weights and Measures.
    Measuring Instrument Directive approved
  • Stainless steel pump internals with full air separation
  • Dual Facet VF-22SB filter vessel tested to EI/API 1581 (5th edition). Differential pressure gauge & water drain
  • FG-0-612-2 monitor filter cartridge to EI/API 1583 (4th edition) (particle & water blocking, 0.5 micron)
  • Facet CC-22-7 Coalescer Cartridge to API 1581 5th edition
  • Fuel Proof hydraulic powered hose reel with 30m x 1” Elaflex HD25 hose to EN 1361, API 1529 C
  • ZVF25 manual refuelling nozzle with removable fine mesh strainer, complete with earth lead and dust cap.
  • 30m hand rewind earth bonding reel
  • Fuel Proof fuel sampling, inspection and recovery system, with 4L Closed Circuit Sampler
  • EX50 230V sump pump & return pump (fitted with return Facet VF-22SB filter vessel, complete with coalescer filter element)
  • Floating suction arm (recommended best practice) (50mm NB Sch 5 304L stainless tube)
  • Self-loading pump, centrifugal stainless steel, 2.2kW 230V Exd IIB T3 motor
  • Input filtration, EI 1590 Qualified 2 micron particle element, in stainless steel vessel
  • Aviation 4-step access 10,000L to 15,000L
  • Galvanised anti-slip staircase and manway access platform. Hand rail for easy & safe access, BS compliant.  (incl. UK installation.  Increases overall height by 1m approx.  Customer to confirm compliance with site height restrictions).
  • ATEX Zone 1 HDL 100 - Ex emb Fluorescent Luminaire IP66/67 T4/T5 Gas & Dust
  • External area flood lights and mounting poles, with dawn to dusk light controller
  • Dry break coupling on fill point (Jet A-1 type) 
  • Nozzle earth lead
  • Nozzle dust cap 
  • (Please note that the fitting of this cap can interfere with the stowing of the nozzle in the holder)